Epic trailer for Viking by Andreï Kravchuk

8 years after his last film, L’amiral, released live to DVD in France, Andreï Kravchuk returns with a new, extremely ambitious project. A Viking movie like we hadn’t seen in a long time and which, if it is on the level of this trailer, could well mark the spirits.

You probably have to go back to the 13th warrior to find a really good movie with Vikings in it. With Viking, the Russian Andreï Kravchuk could well remedy this lack with a good big barbaric adventure film featuring the warriors of the North. He is also the screenwriter of the film with Andreï Rubanov and Viktor Smirnov. The cast is 100% Russian with Anton Adasinsky (seen in Faust by Aleksandr Sokurov), Aleksandr ArmerVilen Babichev and Svetlana Khodchenkova (seen in Wolverine: the fight of the immortal). This Viking looks brutal, bloody, extremely spectacular … you just have to hope for a French release to be entitled to a little old-fashioned barbarism on the big screen.

Viking will be released in Russia on December 22, 2016.

Nicolas Gilli

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